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Vente ULM Flight Design Ct Sw

New Engine New propeller 0 hours New rocket and repacked BRS approved 600 kg -Very low time -Good options of avionics -Very good technical condition -Type of flights: Private cross-country flights -Seats: 1+1. -Big luggage compartment Airplane time state -Brand NEW Rotax 912 ULS engine 100HP -243 hours only FRESH TOTAL OVERHAUL ! -Oil & oil filter just changed -Brake oil just changed ! -All service bulletin done ! -Permanent Engine service, by approved Rotax Frank engineer ! Interior -Brown with fabric anthracit -Brand NEW foot carpet -Brand NEW stick sleeve -Upgraded sun visor (2 tone) -Visual condition 10/10 -NEW Cockpit light & luggage light Exterior -Fresh White Paint -No scratches -NEW tire -NEW brake pads -Visual condition 10/10. Avionics - Analog indicator: air speed, altitude, vertical speed, slip indicator, TACH ,CHT , voltmeter, oil temp & oil pressure -TRUETRACK Automatic Pilot -GARMIN GPS 496map -GARMIN Radio -GARMIN Transponder (S Mode) Options -Parking brake. -Tundra reinforced landing gear -Towing device -Position lights -Landing light switch -Airplane was used as demoplane -NEW battery -NEW upgraded sun visors whit 2 tones -The plane will be delivered with fresh arc. -READY to fly aircraft possible delivery to any EU country Inquiry For price/photos/details Contact: gica_pascariu@yahoo.com; Flight Design East Europe

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